Donald Glover shares slew of ‘Atlanta’ Season 3 teasers

In 2016, Donald Glover’s award-winning comedic drama Atlanta took TV by storm. With witty screenwriting, frivolous scenarios and the unearthed reality of life-or-death situations, Glover’s masterminding something greater for the show’s long-awaited Season 3.

In a series of deleted tweets on Halloween, Glover updated fans on Atlanta’s highly-anticipated return. The show’s creator and star tweeted out a link to a site called Gilga — which features a clock, the user’s location and a link to the minute-long trailer. While cryptic in nature, Glover’s intrinsic knack for artistic integrity has always been part of his persona, whether that be in music, movies or TV.

The Halloween trailer showcases Paper Boi (Atlanta‘s series lead played by Brian Tyree Henry) sitting squarely at a table as “it’s not the end of the world, don’t you know that yet?” is eerily chanted with ominous music playing behind it. A blank, black screen at the end reveals the text inscription “2022.”

Since its first trailer, Season 3 of Atlanta is now set to premiere with a two-episode opener on March 24, as Glover and Co. released a pair of teasers two months before its release. Set to take place mostly in Europe, Season 3 of Atlanta is poised to be its best yet, as the transcendent actor-director-rapper returned to Twitter Wednesday, calling out his haters to “@ me” if they feel otherwise.

Glover also shared some thoughts on the comparisons fans have been making to Lil Dicky‘s FXX show Dave, yet, Gambino seems more than excited to share his latest work above all.

“I cant wait til this show is out. i watch the roughs like it aint my show. And just for the record, im watching yall sayin ‘dave’ is on par. like yall forgot what we did. no disrespect. We got black people on here debating which is better, and IM the sellout? I got receipts.”

Donald Glover, via COMPLEX

Glover has been long known for sudden rollouts, as his 2020 album 3.15.20 took fans by surprise with its sly and decisive release. Simply put, there’s never been any effective way to prepare for a Childish Gambino project from Donald Glover.

Watch the latest Season 3 trailers for “Atlanta” below!

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