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Eem Triplin, $NOT connect on new video for ‘LET YOU KNOW’

Photo courtesy of Copes

This past year has been one of the biggest of Eem Triplin‘s young career.

Whether it be Drake playing his music on OVO Sound42 Radio before the release of Her Loss or Eem announcing that he’ll be opening for LUCKI’s Flawless Like Me tour, blessings keep coming the Pennsylvania native’s way.

Kicking off 2023 with his hard-hitting single “WALKED IN,” Triplin came back with more fire following his Rolling Loud performance in Los Angeles (March 5) — sharing the visual to he and $NOT’s November single “LET YOU KNOW” on Wednesday (March 8).

Triplin first previewed the song on social media in October, and in the days following the snippet, the frequently collaborative duo officially released “LET YOU KNOW” on Nov. 6. Produced by Eem and Charlie Myles, the Omar Jones-directed flick sees Triplin posted up with his now-signature pink car as the streets and stairwells around morph like a Dr. Strange fight scene.

While Triplin has long been producing for $NOT since the Floridian’s first full-length project in 2020, they have never both been on the same song vocally until “LET YOU KNOW.” With Eem continuing to trend in the right direction as a rapper rather than a producer, the time felt right for him to hop on a track with one of his best friends in the industry.

“LET YOU KNOW” was Eem’s twelfth track added to DSPs in 2022, as its “one time for the hoe, two times up for the gang” hook had been blowing up on TikTok prior to its release. Previously explaining in our OGM exclusive interview that it was too early for fans to get a full-length project, Eem’s eyes are now set on the album months later.

“Expect new shit. Got a lil project coming out soon. All hot shit,” he told us at Rolling Loud California. “Just listen when I drop. It’s up. Imma keep pushing, just wait on it. All hard vibes… something special.”

With Triplin back in the driver’s seat, it won’t be long before his long-awaited debut hits all platforms.

Check out Eem and $NOT’s “LET YOU KNOW” below!

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