Eli Juggz is ‘The Realest’ on new album

After blowing up back in 2021 with tracks like “Addicted/ZaZa” and “No Calls,” New York’s Eli Juggz is now back and better than ever after a quick three month break.

The Realest is Juggz’s newest 21-track album, embodying its title to its core. On each song, Juggz is more relatable than ever, rapping about relationship issues, mental health and the struggles of being an independent artist.

With production from star underground producers such as JDolla, Bhristo and ninetyniiine, Eli showcases his versatility by mixing hip-hop, trap, R&B, pluggnb and pop to formulate his sound.

On the track “Same Vibe,” Juggz talks about struggling to find the inspiration behind his music and letting his fans down. His raps reflect the feeling of getting stuck in the cycle of everyday life and losing focus on what truly matters and makes him happy.

Where do I start?

Fell off so damn bad my whole damn life start fallin’ apart

Everyday been the same thing

Wake up and work go sleep just to wake up and work again

She goin’ left but I made this lil right go to church again

“Same Vibe” — Eli Juggz

Tracks such as “PPFM” and “Someone Else” show Juggz rapping about taking a step back to figure out who his real friends are. Additionally, he touches on his journey of changing for the better and how he has evolved his sound.

The Realest is an album full of pure honesty, which is something a lot of underground projects today tend to lack. As a result of Eli Juggz’s endlessly relatable lyrics, he has developed a very close bond with his strong fan base that will only grow over time with releases like these.

Listen to “The Realest” below!


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