femdot. and Monte Booker find balance on ‘Senegalese’

femdot. consistently shines as one of Chicago’s finest young artists, with an introspective lyrical approach and dynamic production slowly pushing his appeal beyond the Midwest.

With “Senegalese,” femdot. is more celebratory than usual, as he finds a comfortable confidence within Monte Booker’s bouncy and precise production — while also releasing one of the best singles to come out of the city this year.

After dropping the soft and thoughtful vibes that came from Tour Pack, it’s incredible to see the Chicagoan in such a crafty and fun spot. The creativity has always been there for him, as some of his best songs like “Lifetime” and “Dilla Back” are laced with deep themes and harsh realities — unabashedly pursuing his desires despite life’s obstacles.

Things are more laid back on “Senegalese,” as he makes the most of the upbeat and distinct production. He’s flexing his success stories as much as he’s rapping about Bryson Tiller and Doug Dimmadome — and it never feels corny.

Same shit that my n***as on

Kicks clean and fit is strong

In all white like I’m (Like who!)

Doug Dimmadome

Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome

Took her down with Bryson tiller on god

femdot. — “Senegalese”

This is all further confirmed by the corresponding music video, where femdot cracks an infectious smile for the entirety of the video. A darker, tinted color scheme contrasts his cheerful delivery and mood, which just further exacerbates the positive vibes before diving into a monochrome-laced outro. It’s also another addition to the multitude of impressively produced music videos from femdot., as his attention to detail shines through the visual medium.

femdot. has been at it for a while, so it’s about time we hear such a clean and polished celebration of the life that we build for ourselves.

Stream Femdot’s ‘Senegalese’ below!


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