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Fivio Foreign sounds anything but ‘Sicc and Tired’ in new video

While everyone else is still cleaning up the wrapping paper, Fivio Foreign is dropping off a surprise music video – and reminding everyone of his stature in the process.

The JLShotThat directed video for “Sicc and Tired” embeds itself within Fivio’s transparent flows, with new effects spinning and twirling every second capturing the dizzyingly erratic lifestyle that comes with being a successful artist. More so, the Brooklyn native hits contemporary strides in his sorrowful rhymes about the rap community around him that is losing so many legends at a rapid rate.

Every shot, edit and pan has a purpose: if he’s rapping about his disdain with the media, there’s a shot of him mid-interview or at the GQ red carpet. It all lends a vivid, almost meta quality to the whole video, as these short vignettes from his life are just snippets to him, but would be an unforgettable memory for anyone else.

But there’s pain within that, and it’s part of the rapper persona to make that a part of your art or tuck it away so it won’t interfere with your image. Hearing Fivio tackle this discourse isn’t necessarily surprising, but to see it done with the sheer confidence that sheds with every frame in its corresponding video just reiterates what he’s saying. He doesn’t have the answer, but he has the nuance and experience to tell you all about it.

New York drill had its biggest year yet in 2022, and Fivio Foreign made sure to send it off with an introspective farce.

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