GIVĒON’s ‘Lie Again’ embraces lust in long-awaited return

While 2021 was GIVĒON shining year, he is back to take over the spotlight all over again.

Since his breakthrough 2020, the Long Beach native has had arguably the best start to a career anyone can ask for. Although actively releasing before his big break on Drake’s “Chicago Freestyle” — which accelerated his career ten-fold — since then, his run that has been unstoppable.

Appearing on a handful of features, and even racking up a slew of GRAMMY nominations for his album Take Time and chart-topping single “Heartbreak Anniversary,” fans know that he’s more than capable of doing it all again this year. With his first single of the year, GIVĒON is back with another love-torn anthem “Lie Again.”

“Lie Again” tells the story of GIVĒON, his specific love interest and the desires he has for them. While this person may not be best for him, he implores them to say everything he wants to hear — even if it’s not the truth.

I, I pretend no one has had you like I did

I don’t need the truth, baby

So lie (Lie), lie again, no one has had you like I did (Ooh, woah, oh)

I don’t need the truth, baby, no (Ooh-woah, ooh-woah, ooh-woah)

GIVĒON — “Lie Again”

In the track’s accompanying visual, GIVĒON walks down a road by himself to deliver a true performance shot. One thing about “For Tonight” crooner, is that he has always been very calculated and loves to give off little hints about his new projects. Before he released the deluxe to his debut album When It’s All Said And Done, he dropped its title in an Instagram caption. This time around, GIVĒON seems to have shared a teaser for his next album title in the video.

In the sultry and stark visual, there are tons of signs with GIVĒON’s name on them. Around the 1:55 mark, there is one specific sign that reads “Giveon Starring In Give or Take,” which could very well be his next album title. In the past, his projects all tell a certain story. “Give Or Take” does sound like it could be a brand new title, that either continues the story of his previous work or is the beginning of a brand new chapter.

In the meantime, check out GIVĒON’s “Lie Again” below!

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