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Goonie balls like he went to ‘Chino Hills’ in new single

Underground veteran and pluggnb staple Goonie has been on a steady incline in the new wave over the past year. Starting off as a producer at age 16 with the former underground collective Slayworld, the Cleveland rapper’s catalog is flooded with collaborations from Summrs, KanKan, Yeat and more.

Close to the wave he’s had a major hand in curating, Goonie decided to turn away from production and is now focused on making a name with his own music. Hits like “Zaza” and “Keke’s Interlude” helped the 22-year-old emcee cement himself as one of the early trendsetters of the undergroud’s patented pluggnb sound.

His latest track “Chino Hills” — produced by Cashmoney AP — sees Goonie experiment with a new high-pitched baby voice, as he raps with a nasally tone and drowned-out, muddy background vocals throughout the track. An homage to the California-based basketball academy made famous by the Ball Family, Goonie mixes his classic melodic sound with a quicker delivery, sticking to a shorter runtime on this track that only leaves fans wanting more.

Ball like I had went to Chino Hills

Don’t need no dates I skeet on her face

Im on Roxy, Molly, all them pills

Pull out the Drake I send you a Jesus stake

It’s a shame what I spent in Neim in a day

It’s a shame cuz you ain’t even eat today”

Goonie – “Chino Hills”

A snippet of the track was previewed on Goonie’s Instagram live two months ago and fans have been begging for its release ever since. Similarly, Goonie has been on an electric run in 2022, as “Chino Hills” is his eighth single of the year following his collaboration with SSGKobeClappers.” The rapper also dropped off his first music video in over a year “super clean.”

Overall, it’s refreshing to see Goonie step out of his comfort zone all while sticking to the roots of his sound. With this type of consistency, Goonie is on track to make 2022 his standout year.

Check out “Chino Hills” below!