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grouptherapy. ooze confidence on ‘Nasty’ new single

grouptherapy. stays hot amid an already fiery 2023. The trio, consisting of of longtime friends Jadagrace, SWIM and TJOnline, has blossomed into one of the most exciting groups out right now, as the release of “FUNKFEST” in late April marked their first track as a full group in nearly a year.

The bombastic, confident banger has taken the group to even greater heights, wasting no time following up on the success of “FUNKFEST” in its aftermath. Sharing “Nasty” (May 30) just a month later, the group continues to emphatically embark on a new era — highlighting every aspect of their infectious energy and undeniable swagger along the way.

“Nasty” continues to cement grouptherapy. as unfuckwittable. TJ and Jada take the hook together, repeating, “Gimme a lil’ somethin’ lil’ nasty,” before each member does just that on their verses. Jada kicks it off with perfect soft vocals, radiating self-confidence as she sings, “My god, I’m so delectable / Infectious, just to let you know.”

SWIM’s smooth bars and subtle nods to Kirk Knight and MF DOOM bring a different yet equally as exciting energy on the second verse, delivering clever line after clever line, rapping: “I’m like the tiny lollipop, I’m going two Dum’s,” and “Mask on in the house, it’s a Madvilla.” TJ closes it out with a two part verse: Leading with a mellow eight-bar run as his tone energetically rises into a shout.

The accompanying fish-eye lens video (entirely self directed by the group) exemplifies their dynamism as they all become the stars of their own show, coming together to create an incredibly fun watch. With “FUNKFEST” and “Nasty” leading the charge towards a new full-length taps, the is just the beginning of what grouptherapy. has in store.

Listen to “Nasty” from grouptherapy. below!

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