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grouptherapy., SWIM make a splash on new track ‘Big Steppa’

2020 was a life-changing year for most. While many took on new hobbies, changed careers or focused on their mental health amid COVID-19 shutdowns, grouptherapy. managed to take advantage of their time locked indoors.

Exponentially growing their fanbase since the height of the pandemic, the fast-rising LA-based collective is looking to make a splash by way of SWIM’s new single “Big Steppa.”

Touting over 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, grouptherapy. — which is comprised of creatives in Coy Stewart aka SWIM, Jada Grace and TJOnline — is challenging the landscape of hip-hop by championing a variety of introspective sounds and topics alike. Their latest effort “Big Steppa,” released and performed by SWIM, sees the alt-rapper address internal battles of self-confidence while dealing with outsider opinions.

“It’s a shame cause I used to be shy

I would hide, ducking off to the side

Look to the sky, like I wish I could fly

You never know if you never do try

But something inside, told me I got nothing to hide

Just open your eyes and kiss all of the fear goodbye”

“Big Steppa” – SWIM

Driven by grimacing, tribal percussion, fleeting Rhodes keys and triple-stacked vocals, SWIM utilizes his niche style to impress new listeners and captivate longtime fans effortlessly — making bigger steps as a “BIG STEPPA” in his own right. Along with the track’s release on Monday (Aug. 15), SWIM also dropped off visuals to depict further meaning behind the music.

“Big Steppa” showcases Stewart in black tie attire running away in fear of something, presumably his internal self. With a tear drop of blood running down his face, he frantically tries to escape until this external force kills his momentum, as he’s seen laying flat in the street. While picking himself back up — or regaining his self-confidence — SWIM morphs into the “Big Steppa” he’s perceived to be, outwardly spinning a grandiose “origin story” for the ages.

Injecting the culture with a mixed bag of vibes, “Big Steppa” could potentially be the break SWIM and grouptherapy. are treading towards. Setting the mold for bold lyricism and altruistic substance, grouptherapy. is well on their way to becoming a sonic force to be reckoned with.

Watch the video for “Big Steppa” below!