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‘Hey Prentiss’ just dropped some new heat

14-year-old underground talent Prentiss is making waves in mainstream circles with his fresh, pop-centric sound.

Curly-headed Mississippi teen Prentiss has certainly made a name for himself in the last year.

With a high-pitched and uniquely piercing voice, which has caught the likes of stars like Justin Bieber, The Kid Laroi, Skrillex and plenty of fans worldwide, Prentiss had an impressive and prosperous 2021 — as the young star plans on going even harder in 2022.

With zero intentions of hitting the brakes, Prentiss delivered a six-song EP titled Hey Prentiss to kick off the new year.

Hey Prentiss follows its lead single “I Will Wait” which he shared with fans back in October 2021. However, just two weeks ago, Prentiss delivered the accompanying visuals for the track, which feature a day in the life of young teen who is blindly in love. The video showcases Prentiss gushing over his crush as the duo share a bus seat together.

He’s seen writing a song about her and glancing at her through the window throughout the duration of the video. Just when all seems to be going as planned, Prentiss’ heart is ripped right from him as he watches her ride off with another guy.

The EP is filled with addictive melodies and beautifully-sung hooks that touch multiple genres in this harmonic journey. Throughout the project, Prentiss shows off a scintillating falsetto and impressive range overall. The tape contains just one impressive feature with “AntiSocial” star BabySantana.

Simply put, Hey Prentiss is a step in the right direction for the teen singer, as he continues to showcase his seriousness and dedication to delivering quality music.

Giving fans a small glimpse of how his 2022 will look and sound, the 14-year-old phenom looks to grow as an artist and continuously impress current stars in the industry and fans around the globe.

Check out Hey ‘Prentiss’ below!