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JELEEL! proves he’s ‘UNCIVILIZED!’ on explosive new music video

The insatiably energized JELEEL! has been soaring to new heights since bursting onto the scene with his viral track “DIVE IN!

After blowing up at the beginning of 2022 off the strength of his hit single and last July’s “Jeleel Juice!,” the muscle-bound, high-pitched spitter paid a visit to Austin, Texas for SXSW — where he performed a number of sets including his biggest one to date at Rolling Loud’s SXSW showcase.

Introducing himself to an entire new wave of fans, JELEEL! Also had the opportunity to meet some of the industry’s most blossoming artists at SXSW, including Texas’ own Mike Dimes, who also performed at the Rolling Loud showcase. Just a few months later, the two certified their symbiotic friendship on JELEEL’s new two-pack CLUBHOUSE! / UNCIVILIZED! from June 17.

CLUBHOUSE!” sees a more laid-back, less melodic approach from JELEEL!, even though the instrumental still contains an electronic/rage influence. Rapping about his “big room full of bad b*tches,” JELEEL! is mostly focused on kicking back with some women instead of turning up.

She like, “Ooh, kill ’em”, Lil TerRio (Oh kill ’em!)

And she wetter than, better than Ariel

I’ma jump in that, dunk in that cereal

“CLUBHOUSE!” — JELEEL!, Mike Dimes

This sounds like Mike Dimes’ type of party, so after knocking and pleading for entrance, JELEEL invites him on the track to unleash flows with his own group of “shorties” for the gathering.

I got some shorties who said they gon’ roll up (Gang)

This ain’t Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, these bitches is grown-ups (Uh, yeah)

Yeah, she freaky and nasty, she down to get zesty (Zesty)

And she got a sweet tooth, I gave her Fruit Roll-Up

“CLUBHOUSE!” — JELEEL!, Mike Dimes

For the pack’s second track, “UNCIVILIZED! (GO!)” sees more of a return to JELEEL!’s typical sound, with more “Woah!” exclamations, vocal straining and shouting. This “uncivilized” energy also reflects in the lyricism, as he takes aim at opposition with the “wassup with it right / Run up with the right” hook and ensuing verses.

N****s ain’t got no fight

Finna turn them lights off, hit like dynamite

Rollin’, hit a right dawg, catch him at the light

Roamin’ through the night dawg, bend his block tonight


Almost an entire month later, after “UNCIVILIZED! (GO!)” racked up over 850,000 Spotify streams, JELEEL! circled back to release the song’s music video on Tuesday (July 12). The visuals depict the “real raw energy” JELEEL! always boasts, as he only needs himself to turn up in an empty alley in broad daylight.

Within these two songs, we see more evolution stylistically from JELEEL!, mostly known for his mosh pit-inducing bangers and screaming hooks. Hopefully he continues to expand his sonic palette and push his boundaries on future releases.

Check out the ‘CLUBHOUSE! / UNCIVILIZED!’ below!