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Johan Lenox completes ‘Burning Sky’ interlude with Mr. Hudson

Usually, interludes are some of the most overlooked tracks on our favorite projects. However, Johan Lenox looks to change that narrative with his latest offering.

Rejoined by singer/producer Mr. Hudson, Johan revives his “Burning Sky” interlude from his last album, adding his own verse and giving the standout track some well-deserved visuals.

Doubling the track’s length for the “chamber version,” Johan showcases his prowess as a composer as his string quartet appears alongside him. Doubling the WDYWTBWYGU standout’s runtime, Johan adds haunting vocals that make a perfect addition to the single, initially featuring a sole verse from Hudson.

Historically, Johan has been known to give his fans multiple versions of his tracks, dialing into his background in classical composition for the orchestral “chamber versions” of some of his best songs. Last year, the accomplished producer/singer released chamber johan, a compilation of his favorite tracks with more strings and less drums.

This style has given his fans multiple avenues to appreciate his art, whether it be the original songs with more mainstream sounds or his more experimental material. Much like his last collaborative project, isomonstrosity — which brought on talent like Zacari, Danny Brown, Kacy Hill and more — Lenox displays his ambitions on one of the most off-kilter, musically powerful albums of the year.

This track isn’t the last we will hear from Johan, as the man seems to work nonstop to push the boundaries of classic contemporary sounds in modern music. With each release, he seems to refine and reframe this idea, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store next.

Check out ‘Burning Sky’ by Johan Lenox and Mr. Hudson below!

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