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Jugg Harden impresses on ‘Young N Havin,’ a testament to Detroit’s undeniable wave

Hailing from Detroit, Jugg Harden has been one of the most overlooked talents coming out of the city’s new wave.

Evident on his new 19-track project Young N Havin, Harden’s latest not only showcases how brilliant of a wordsmith he is, but exudes a defining energy akin to a future star. Filled with a dexterous combination of insane sample flips, Michigan-bred drums and mind-bending bars, Jugg Harden holds it down with some hometown fresh faces such as Babyfxce E, SkillaBaby and Allstar JR.

Tracks like “STFU,” “Deja Vu,” “Hustlin” and more all assert Jugg’s hard-nosed persona and half-awake bars that he seems to spit off ever-so-effortlessly. The project’s quirky yet hard-hitting beats are sure to catch the ears of BabyFace Ray, BabyTron and Veeze in the near future — Jugg’s sonic arsenal is undeniable.

Young N Havin follows a kill streak of mixtapes for Jugg stemming from All-Star Weekend in 2021. The 13 Tape, a la his NBA namesake James Harden, other tapes like Rookie Of The Year, The Jugg Tape and more, Young N Havin feels like a momentous and formal debut for the still-rising Dexter Linwood native.

Assembling a new era Detroit avengers, Jugg is well on his way to cementing his spot in the conversation.

Check out ‘Young N Havin’ below!