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KayCyy offers ‘the perfect interlude’ with ‘Bombs Away’

“If you want war, then it’s bombs away,” YZY sound signee KayCyy croons on the opening line of his “perfect interlude” — diving deeper into the music that lives within him.

Released on Oct. 13, “Bombs Away” is a simmer to KayCyy’s tenacious 2021 collection. Linking up with fellow Kanye co-sign in Lancey Foux for “Stay Up” — another track off his long-awaited debut album Who Is KayCyy? — the 24-year-old enigma’s previous singles in “ASTK” and “Flew By You” highlights the rage-inducing sound trademarked by the new wave. As his upcoming album looms closer each day, KayCyy has continued to tease fans on social media with music by year’s end, contemplating on dropping a mixtape before WIKC.

Unsurprisingly, the Minnesota-based, Kenya-born prodigy has broken through as one of the underground’s most refreshing voices following his appearance on Kanye West‘s DONDA. With a captivating ability to both sing and rap effortlessly, his 2021 project Ups And Downs clued listeners in to what the singer-rapper is fully capable of.

As a polar opposite to the handful of songs he’s released this year, “Bombs Away” sounds as if it belongs in a wartime ceasefire, blending traditional African style-drums and a beautifully played melody on ethereal keys. A mellow bass progression drives the entire track forward as finger-picked strings cascade over KayCyy’s heavenly vocals. Transporting listeners to a otherworldly haven filled with doubters and naysayers, KayCyy brushes them off, staying true to himself and asserts “belief” in himself “is highly important” — unafraid to take on those that challenge him.

If you want war, then it’s bombs away

You so close, but still far away,

Send you my regards, when you go away

Like a caterpillar, yeah, I’m still morphing

It’s belief in myself that’s highly important

Like an eagle, I ain’t just flying, I’m soaring

KayCyy — “Bombs Away”

While WIKC continues to be workshopped into 2022 — confirming its release sometime at the top of next year — KayCyy’s versatility is unmatched in the styles he elicits. Drawing from hip-hop, cultural, reggae and R&B, he lives between the boundaries of dark and light soundscapes, showcasing his knack for high-pitched singing and smooth flows alike. “Bombs Away” is evidently a perfect interlude for the sound Who Is KayCyy? bring forths with four of its tracks already being released.

While fans await for KayCyy to further prove his true colors as a superstar in the making, in this moment he is a talent to be cherished for years to come.

Listen to “Bombs Away” by KayCyy below!