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Key Glock drops 30-track ‘Yellow Tape 2 Deluxe’

Key Glock has circled back to last year’s Yellow Tape 2 — adding an additional 10 songs to its highly-anticipated deluxe. The newly-added tracks once again feature Glock alone in his element without any added assistance, and just like the original, he never falters and dashes through everyone with ease.

The deluxe edition was preceded by singles in “Play for Keeps” and “Pain Killers.” The energy found on those previous tracks remains throughout the deluxe edition with Glock delivering stellar track after track. The standout “Gucci and Dolph” shines a light on two of his biggest influences and shows that even though the latter is passed, he will always be in Glock’s thoughts.

Glock took to Instagram to share a short video to help promote the latest release. In honor of his fallen friend Young Dolph, Glock shared a touching promotional video that includes the former Paper Route Empire boss praising the artist. Throughout his career, Dolph and Glock were nearly inseparable and even know it’s hard to image one without the other.

“Glock hard. He ain’t never had no features or nothing on none of his tapes. So, it speaks for itself. It speaks volumes. I really don’t know no young n***a that’s on his level, doing what he doing and got what he got”

Young Dolph

The clip shows various images and news headlines of Glock showing he is still rising to the top of the game. Near the tail end of the video, a female voice questions if he could still continue on his streak without his partner by his side. Based on his work with Paper Route Empire and his material on this new release, it’s clear that though Dolph was integral to his career. However, Key Glock can and will continue forward, as he’ll able succeed on his own with Dolph watching over him.

Listen to ‘Yellow Tape 2 Deluxe’ by Key Glock below!

Key Glock announces ‘Yellow Tape 2 Deluxe’ with lead single, visual ‘Pain Killers’

Just shortly after dropping his mixtape Yellow Tape 2 back in November, Memphis’ Key Glock is already back for more. He announced the new deluxe edition of the project with its first single and video “Pain Killers” over the weekend.

In the video, fans see Glock dashing through the snowy forest in his classic yellow Rolls Royce and other artistic trademarks. When he’s not behind the wheel, he’s marching through the woods on foot with a goat by his side. Just like the goat charging through the terrain, Glock’s flow and lyrics barrel through any obstacle as he makes sure that he tells anyone listening that he is still on top. The video then transitions from the outdoor landscape to the interior of his mansion, flexing just how much he’s accomplished.

Glock also includes a few short clips of him and his gone-too-soon friend and mentor Young Dolph. A scene of the pair smoking in the Rolls Royce appears across the screen for just a brief moment but is still a nice memory of them together. This comes after Glock’s tribute song “Proud” and Paper Route’s tribute album to the fallen star Love Live Young Dolph.

Glock has always been consistent and with these 10 tracks, it seems as he is destined to keep his hot streak going. Fans can hear the Yellow Tape 2 deluxe on DSPs March 25.

Listen to ‘Pain Killers’ by Key Glock below!