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Key Glock drops latest single and video ‘Play For Keeps’

As he gears up to drop his deluxe edition of 2021’s Yellow Tape 2, Key Glock shares another hard-hitting single “Play for Keeps.” On his enticing new offering, the Memphis star raps about keeping it real with his lyrics, jewelry and of course his coveted yellow car collection.

It’s corresponding visual features Glock decked out in high-end jewelry. He raps amongst his fleet of yellow cars while the lights glisten off his heavy chains. He raps about the people in his life and how he knows they will always be real with him. As the title suggests, he plays his hardest and never gives it less than his all, seemingly doing it all in honor of his fallen Paper Route brother and friend Young Dolph. Ultimately, it’s another standout showing for the Memphis rapper and one that can be played over and over again.

“Play for Keeps” comes right after Glock dropped his previous single “Pain Killers.” He also revealed the tracklist to his upcoming Yellow Tape 2 Deluxe. The album clocks in at thirty songs as Glock is set to hold his own on ten brand new cuts.

Along with the newly-dropped song and video, Glock announced a host of tour dates, with 10 of them already being sold out. “The Yellow Tape Tour” kicks off April 4 and will make stops in Detriot, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles before it eventually concludes in Orlando on May 20.

Glock never seems to run out of steam and these new tracks prove that he’s always ready for more. Fans can expect even more of Key Glock’s infectious and confident lyrics when Yellow Tape 2 Deluxe drops next week on March 25.

Check out Key Glock’s ‘Play for Keeps’ below!

“Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe)” tracklist

  1. Grammys
  2. No Cap Rap
  3. No Choice
  4. I Be
  5. Gucci & Dolph
  6. Play For Keeps
  7. Proud
  8. Pain Killers
  9. GMFB
  10. No Love
  11. Something Bout Me
  12. Channel 5
  13. Bill Gates
  14. !!! (Don’t Know Who To Trust)
  15. Juicemane
  16. Tony
  17. Ambition For Cash
  18. Ya Feel Me
  19. Can’t Switch
  20. The 1
  21. Quarterback
  22. Da Truth
  23. Check This Out
  24. From The Bottom
  25. Luv a Thug
  26. Understood
  27. Eve
  28. Toolie
  29. U & I Know
  30. Gangsta