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Key Glock reveals ‘Dum and Dummer 3’ is complete

Photo courtesy of Key Glock

When Young Dolph was abruptly slain last November, his protégé and fellow Memphis native Key Glock knew it was his responsibility to help preserve and strengthen his legacy.

In a recent interview with Bootleg Kev, which released six days after his most recent 5-song EP PRE5L (Nov. 17), Glock laid out his plans to do just that.

Along with confirming that the duo had finished the third rendition of their Dum and Dummer album series before Dolph passed, Glock also noted that both of their respective studio albums should be arriving in the near future. However, even though Dum and Dummer 3 is completed, Glock has reservations about releasing it.

“I ain’t gotta do no part 3 or nothing… ain’t no part 3s,” he said. “The way I do sh*t, it’s really one and done but sometimes it’ll be extra and press a little harder and hit you with a second one. I think it’s point proven.”

While saying this, Kev was trying to convince Glock to change his mind, considering the Dum and Dummer series has been a fan favorite for many. But, it will ultimately be up to Glock if he will follow through with an eventual roll out and release.

As for Dolph’s upcoming studio album, currently titled Paper Route Frank, its most recent promotional single “Get Away” released on he same day as Glock’s new EP (Nov. 17). Earlier this year in July, his first solo posthumous single “Hall of Fame” came out, but it is currently unclear if that song will be included on the upcoming LP, which Glock promises is “on the way.”

Regardless if Dum and Dummer 3 ends up dropping, it’s clear that Glock and the Paper Route family have big things in store for both Dolph and his apprentice. Coming off the incredible 30-track Yellow Tape 2 deluxe earlier this year, Glock is ready to set the streets on fire once again, courtesy of both him and his mentor.

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