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Kiraly Payne, SONNY stun on ‘It Is What It Is’

“It Is What It Is” when Kiraly Payne and SONNY spit fire on the same cut.

The Chicago-based rappers soar on this high-powered yet laid-back collaboration, which highlights their infectious chemistry and back-and-forth flows. Ultimately, they’re curving envious foes and living their best life regardless of the petty opps that step to them. “I know n***s who hate me for shit I ain’t did / Like f**k it, it is what it is,” Payne and SONNY trade off on the hook, brushing haters off their shoulders with a barrage of calculated, cool bars that are inescapably catchy.

By recruiting the perfectly-placed SONNY on “It Is What It Is,” Kiraly’s partner-in-crime couldn’t be more made-to-be for the track. Its darkly immersive visual, directed by Joe Bracero, depicts the duo chilling at the trap clad in ski masks, backed by ominous lights, quick cuts and animated sketch transitions to illustrate a hit they just pulled off. “It Is What It Is” though, as Payne and SONNY assert their dual star power side-by-side on the oft-menacing banger — filled with shredded, electric chimes and neverending melodic movement.

The single, which dropped on June 1, is Payne’s second effort of 2023, previously sharing the iridescent “You Need Me” with riah in April. Stemming from SONNY’s viral hit “Kill Bill,” LONEWOLF-directed visual for “RISKY” and the underground success of his latest EP A.G.N.B., “It Is What It Is” is just the precursor for new projects from both Kiraly and SONNY this year.

If there’s anyone rising out of Chicago’s underground you need to take note of, Kiraly and SONNY should be at the top of your watch list.

Watch “It Is What It Is” below!

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