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Lawsy’s ‘Sexxnb Vol. 1’ is a sultry extension of golden era R&B

The late ‘90s, early 2000’s were littered with generational R&B talents that changed the game for the better. Usher, Sade, Destiny’s Child, Mary J. Blige, Omarion, Jagged Edge and more left their mark on music with irreplaceable melodies and a vibe that will forever feel timelessly transcendent.

Lawsy, on the other hand, takes their groove a step further on his new project Sexxnb, Vol. 1 — injecting the woozy nuance of classic R&B into the new wave’s sugary sub-counterpart. Even its informerical-inspired trailer screams classic VH1 and 2000’s MTV energy — revitalizing the nostalgic feel of the turn of the century with updated rhymes and a sultry conviction to “get comfortable” with your special someone.

“It’s that Sexxnb shit, you ain’t on what I’m on,” the “27-year-old” rapper croons — sending fans through a time warp, turning back the clock while keeping things fresh. Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel out of touch for the underground teen sensation, as tracks like “Inside Of You,” “F**k Not Fight” and “What I’m On” with Detroit spitter BabyTron utterly mimic the classic bounce found in 2000s R&B.

“Baby wait for me, can you do that / I know I’m way too young, but screw that / I’m in love with you, but you knew that,” he sings on “Do That” — sounding like this could’ve wound up on a TLC record in their heyday. Other highlights in “Fraud” and his previous single “Like That” ooze more sensually implicit bars that simmer into his artistic persona.

Whimsical chimes, glistening Rhodes keyboards and choppy fast-paced percussion shine all over Sexxnb, Vol. 1 — allowing Lawsy’s raspy, slide-step sing-rapping to be an enigmatic buffer to each beat. His bars are boastfully freaky, letting his peers know that all types of women flock to him. Maybe it’s the hair. But more importantly, it’s the music.

In an interview with us this past year, Lawsy spoke on growing up to ‘90s and 2000s R&B jams from icons like Charlie Wilson and Tyrese. The North Carolina native’s success on TikTok by way of the elegantly infectious “Hotel” wasn’t a fluke either — Sexxnb, Vol. 1 asserts the young emcee is for real. “(Sexxnb) is basically just rapping and singing on old R&B beats, but with the new style of rapping,” he explained to Hakeem Rowe. “People be sending pluggnb melodies with shitty drums — like just a kick and a clap and call it R&B. But I need some real ‘90s R&B. I like the old shit.”

As Sexxnb, Vol. 1 embodies the classic rhythms of yesterday, Lawsy continues to ride a wave all his own — imploring listeners to lay back and let the nostalgia wash over them. You may as well burn Sexxnb on a fresh CD for the full effect — and for its future volumes.

Listen to ‘Sexxnb, Vol. 1’ below!

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