Lil Baby detained in Paris for marijuana possession

Lil Baby’s trip overseas hasn’t been all fun and games. Just hours after being photographed alongside James Harden and Kanye West in Paris, footage has been released showing the rapper in the back of a police car.

Harden and Lil Baby have seemingly been close friends for a while now, with the basketball player gifting $100,000 in cash and a $250,000 Richard Mille to the rapper on his birthday in December. They were both spotted together in France yesterday for Paris Fashion Week — an event that has garnered increasing attention from the hip-hop community in recent years.

According to a report from TMZ, the duo was stopped by police so they could search their car, resulting in them finding 20 grams of marijuana after smelling the substance. Harden’s representation denies any wrongdoing on the NBA player’s part, which appears to be reflected by his immediate release.

Lil Baby, on the other hand, may be looking at some legal trouble as he and two members of his entourage were escorted to a police van and carted off. Since the videos on the internet were taken, it seems that the Quality Control rapper has been released from custody. It’s unclear whether this incident will have lasting repercussions.

Rappers have historically had a hard time overseas, whether it be A$AP Rocky doing time in Sweden or 50 Cent spending a night in jail in St. Kitts. Hopefully, Baby is able to get out of this situation scot-free and continue his undeniable winning streak without this loss.

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