Lil Durk announces ‘7220 Tour’ set to kick off in early April

Nearly six months after Lil Durk dropped The Voice of the Heros with Lil Baby, he’s settling into his role as the hardest working rapper in the game.

After a stellar 2021, Smurk is now looking to hit the road for “The 7220 Tour.” 7720 refers to Durk’s reported next project, as the tour brings on questions and the true possibility of an early April release.

In collaboration with Live Nation and Rolling Loud, Smurk’s “7720 Tour” is set to kick off on April 8 at the Arizona Federal Theater in Phoenix. Durkio is slated to perform 17 shows over the course of a month in Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta and more before he caps it off at the United Center in Chicago for a hometown performance.

While there is no release date for Durk’s upcoming 7220 album, it’s fair to assume that the album and tour work as a pair. Billed as a solo act, it’s cause for speculation, however, it’s still unknown if Durk truly plans to drop anything ahead of 7720’s Phoenix opener. Regardless, it seems likely that Smurk will play new music in some capacity — unreleased or not — throughout the tour.

Durk first teased 7220 two months ago with a blurred tracklist written on a whiteboard. Along with the photo, Durk simply stated “Anthems and no skips.” During the Voice of the Heros Tour, Durk and Baby sold over 250,000 tickets while netting $15 million.

Tying Taylor Swift with 41 charted tracks on the Billboard Hot 100 last year, Durkio is making a legendary run look easy. The Chicago native not only looks to double down on the success he saw in 2021, but strives to continue evolving his sound and dominating DSPs in 2022.

Stream Lil Durk’s and Lil Baby’s Voice of the Heros below.

Photo via Instagram | @lildurk
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