Lil Gunnr is a sonic magician who reveals his secrets

If you make music out of your bedroom, YouTube is probably one of your biggest tools for success — whether you’re watching production tutorials, artist interviews or any other number of music-related categories.

One creator going above and beyond is Lil Gunnr, an artist-YouTuber with a rapidly growing fanbase, garnering over 24,000 subscribers in just under a year. His channel features a variety of videos, ranging from home studio tutorials to music videos to vlogging, among other things.

One unique aspect of Gunnr’s content is his relationship with the rising underground stars in Xhulooo, BabySantana, iayze, Summrs and more. Using his connections to his advantage, he created the “Official Vocal Presets” series featuring appearances from the aforementioned artists, educating viewers on the process of fine-tuning their vocal effects, deliveries and techniques.

As Lil Gunnr’s YouTube goes up, his personal discography is equally as impressive. His sound toes the line of hyperpop and rage rap as he utilizes the presets he previews to create edgy tracks with addictive melodies. His 2020 album Rogue sees collaborations from SoFaygo, Xhulooo, Summrs and others — ultimately bolstering his reputation as a rising, top-tier YouTuber consistently putting out both songs and videos. His most recent single “Flood” is an effortless rage banger, as Gunnr glides over similar synth-heavy trap production throughout his latest EP, Impulse (2021).

Gunnr’s name will only continue to grow as he pulls back the curtain on some of our favorite artists’ recording tips. Check out his channel below if you’re looking to investigate the process of crafting studio-quality vocals and production.

Watch Autumn! and Gunnr’s tutorial below!

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