Lil Wayne drops visualizers for ‘Carter IV’ songs for album’s tenth anniversary

Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV is a classic, considered one hip-hop’s most iconic projects of the last decade. With hits like “Blunt Blowin,” “She Will” with Drake and “How To Love,” Wayne’s elite rapping and storytelling was at its peak, yielding as much mainstream appreciation as it did from rap purists.

The album was released on New Year’s Day (Jan. 1) of 2011, which means its 10-year anniversary was this year. To celebrate, Wayne decided to revisit four of his favorite songs from the album with unique animated visualizers. All directed by Tim Fox, who helped animate projects for Kid Cudi, Nelly and Katy Perry, and illustrated by abstract artist Daniel Crossan, Wayne gave a visualizer treatment to “Blunt Blowin,” “She Will (feat. Drake),” “Nightmares Of The Bottom” and “President Carter.

For “Blunt Blowin,” a cartoon Wayne is seen in an outer-space-like atmosphere, rocking glowing shades and absorbing the psychedelic vibes. As Weezy’s name shows up in different fonts in the background, the album’s electric second song plays.

The “She Will” visual is the most intricate, as it shows a shirtless animated Wayne in different settings such as hanging at a street corner, riding in a convertible, sitting on top of a wall and more. The graphics also include an accurate depiction of a cartoon Drake during his verse briefly dancing goofily.

For “Nightmares Of The Bottom,” the visualizer shows a contemplative Wayne with his mind racing while he’s sitting at a desk, matching the message of the song perfectly.

Lastly, “President Carter” creatively shows four different Wayne clones taking over the oval office. As different versions of him spray graffiti on the walls and lounge in the Commander in Chief’s chair, all four Weezy’s bop their heads to the album’s thirteenth song.

Happy 10th anniversary to ‘Tha Carter IV’ by Lil Wayne!

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