Logic returns with new mixtape ‘Bobby Tarantino 3’

Maryland native ends retirement with third rendition of mixtape series.

Bobby Boy is back from retirement. Logic released his comeback mixtape Bobby Tarantino III on July 30. The twelve track, 33-minute project sees Logic return to being more adventurous with his sound, a common trend of his Bobby Tarantino series. The project features four of his five promotional singles released before the record, and only includes one feature in British actress and R&B singer Cynthia Erivo. Check out the new tape below.

Logic announced on July 26 that he would be releasing his newest mixtape Bobby Tarantino III on July 30.

This news did not come as much of a surprise, as Logic has been dropping singles frequently over the last month. Five out of the last six fridays, Logic has dropped a song, starting with “Intro” on June 18, officially announcing his return from retirement.

Two weeks later, Logic dropped “Vaccine.” The upbeat track sees him utilize his trademark slick-tongued, quick rapping in the verses while slowing it down with an enjoyable sung hook.

The next Friday (July 9), Logic dropped the smooth, gentle “Get Up.” It is evident in these new songs that Logic is focusing more on his melodic appeal. While he still presents lyrical focus in the verses, the song leans more towards using the “Every time I fall, you know I get up” hook to set the vibe over the guitar-infused beat.

Logic makes a concerted effort on his next track “My Way” to impress vocally. The song opens with his relaxing singing on the hook, as the laid-back atmosphere is continued throughout the song over the mellow, percussion instrumental.

On July 23, he released “Call Me,” continuing to follow the pattern he set in motion with the previous singles. Replacing his usual upbeat intensity, Logic seems relaxed and content on these new tracks, calmly singing hooks and effortlessly rapping on the verses.

Logic has not added to the Bobby Tarantino series since its sequel in 2018, as he usually uses these mixtapes to be experimental with his sound, leaving behind his traditional boom-bap tendencies. It seems as though this mixtape will follow that tendency, as we will be getting Logic’s first full-length project since his retirement last summer.


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