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Maxo Kream still has the ‘WEIGHT OF THE WORLD’ on his shoulders

Street rap has been thriving in 2022, as high-quality releases from old favorites and hungry stars-in-the-making keep the industry buzzing with new collaborations and styles.

Houston rapper Maxo Kream has made himself known as one of the most versatile artists coming out of the trenches, collaborating with a wide variety of stars including Tyler the Creator, Don Toliver, Playboi Carti, A$AP Rocky and many more. The deluxe version of his latest album WEIGHT OF THE WORLD (released on July 27) continues this trend as he calls upon a couple friends to put the final touches on the 22-track project.

Bringing along verses from Anderson .Paak, Babyface Ray, Peso Peso, KCG Josh and more, Maxo taps legends and recent signees alike for a few last-minute additions to the project. His matter-of-fact rapping style meshes well with any instrumental, as we see him float over a mellow track like “THE VISION” then pick up the pace for “MIXIN JUICES” and “REMOTE.”

Buffalo’s own Benny the Butcher also recently joined Maxo on a track as they bonded over their usage of drug dealing street lingo on “FOOTBALL HEADS.” Maxo and Benny hop on an unorthodox beat to discuss their past business ventures, using slang to discuss their transgressions with the law. Trippy visuals actualize the duo’s metaphors as both rappers flex their money-making savvy.

“Perky, seroquels

We called ’em football heads when we’d sell ’em

We was goin’ fed, movin’ football heads, call it Helga

Codeine by the lean-a

Pounds of gasoline-a, and Griselda

Servin’ with my nina

Cookin’ good Christina Aguilera

In the cherry-red Beamer, champagne 2-seater

Limo tint, John Cena”


Ahead of his deluxe release, Kream dropped off “THE VISION” with Anderson .Paak as another teaser for WEIGHT OF THE WORLD’s second helping. Also sharing the visual to “Mixin Juices” with BabyFace Ray, fans can fully take in Maxo’s irreplaceable wordplay and finesse once more this year.

Check out the deluxe of ‘WEIGHT OF THE WORLD’ by Maxo Kream below!