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Meechy Darko is back in form with his new single ‘Get Lit or Die Tryin’

Following his hiatus from esteemed hip-hop group Flatbush Zombies, New York native Meechy Darko has been readying fans for his upcoming project Gothic Luxury with a couple of stellar singles.

His latest release is an eerie anthem titled “Get Lit or Die Tryin,” coming correct with action-packed visuals that showcase Meechy’s wild lifestyle.

Produced by the Dot Da Genius, Parker and 18YOMAN, a twanging guitar melody resembles a Wild West soundtrack, mirroring Meechy’s grisly delivery and the rowdy scene in the visuals. Meechy wastes no time using his gritty delivery to spit about his experience as a street star.

“I bе geeked up, strapped in, blue steel, matte tints

Glocks poppin’, German Rugers move in slow motion while I’m reloadin’

Got a beam on it, now that beam on ya

Yeah, nigga, Cuban linked, pink fur, big rings

Haters don’t like me, bullets won’t slight me

I’ma feel in the fuckin’ melody later, tomorrow, I think

I’ma get me another motherfuckin’ drink, kiss up the pink

Meechy Darko — “Get Lit or Die Tryin’”

Meechy has made sporadic appearances on other artists’ projects this year, most recently working with Nyck Caution and Charlie Heat for a cut off their collaborative project Friend Of The Family.

“Get Lit or Die Tryin’” is his second solo single following “Kill Us All (K.U.A.),” leading up to the Aug. 26 release date for his debut album Gothic Luxury. Each single has proven Meechy’s ability to thrive as a one-man act and the hype for his upcoming drop continues to build as the date draws closer.

Check out “Get Lit or Die Tryin’” by Meechy Darko below!