Mozzy rides around town in ‘Tycoon’ music video

Three days after releasing his diverse West Coast-inspired project Untreated Trauma, Mozzy dropped the album’s second music video for “Tycoon” on Sept. 20.

The visuals accurately reflect the opening line of the album’s third song, as he drives through his hometown in his red Ferrari strapped with a water gun.

She diggin’ in the ash tray ’cause she a doobie smoker

Jumpin’ out this red Rari with this Super Soaker

“Tycoon” — Mozzy

Much like Apple did when they replaced their gun emoji with a squirt gun, it is safe to assume Mozzy is letting us know he probably carries an actual weapon with him instead. In between shots of him flying across town in his sports car with his lady by his side, the video also includes him chatting with his friends and family, vibing in front of a Kobe Bryant mural and having his girl wash his car for him.

“Tycoon” includes upbeat production that Mozzy is certainly familiar with, similar to songs on his 2020 project Beyond Bulletproof. While his most recent album includes thoughtful, sincere moments like on the intro “Straight to 4th,” he also has some fun and throws shots at clout chasers like on “Tycoon.”

Now a days, when there’s smoke, they take it straight to the neck

For the temporary clout that don’t amount to respect, nigga huh

“Tycoon” — Mozzy

Stream Mozzy’s new album Untreated Trauma and check out his fresh music video for “Tycoon” below!


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