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Pierre Bourne finally drops long-awaited snippet ‘IG’

After five long years, Pierre Bourne has finally blessed fans with his long-awaited single “IG” on Friday (Feb. 24).

Initially titled “Instagram Hoes” — and then “SOSSKART” for a short period last week — the longtime leak currently sits at 3.23 million plays on SoundCloud. Although this unofficial version is low quality and heavily saturated, Bourne’s fans made sure to keep it in heavy rotation over the years upon its official release.

Through classic atmospheric production by Pierre, the SossHouse CEO sets the tone on “IG” with an instrumental composed of video-game synths and rolling hi-hats. With an effortless flow, the coveted producer-rapper floats over the ethereal self-produced vibe filled with ambient melodies as he races on rainbow road. Pierre speaks on spotting clout-chasing social media models everywhere he goes — the ultimate premise for “IG” — as he fends off fake friends and flames with his signature droning delivery.

I got real ice on my Rollie, uh, fuck the police

All these bitches swear they know me, they don’t know me

I got big guap guacamole, white hoe call her Cody

Pi’erre Bourne — “IG”

“IG” marks Bourne’s first release of the year after sharing two full-length albums, Space Age Pimpin and Good Movie, in 2022. Prior to his solo efforts, he’s been breaking boundaries since the start of his evolution as Playboi Carti’s go-to producer to now-cemented rapper and songwriter.

There’s no question that the South Carolina native will always be synonymous for the part he played in King Vamp’s rise to rap stardom. However, “IG” continues to pave Pi’erre a lane all his own — proving yet again that he’s more than just a producer.

Listen to “IG” below!

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