Pi’erre Bourne builds hype for upcoming album on ‘The Purple Tour’

Image via @pierrebourne on Instagram

New York-raised producer-rapper Pi’erre Bourne has been hard at work growing his fanbase as a lyricist — not only performing The Life of Pi’erre 5 this past month, but also teasing what else he has in store on tour.

As “The Purple Tour” just kicked off on April 16 in Tampa, Florida, Pi’erre is wholeheartedly appreciating the success of TLOP5 — his latest solo album with features from Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert and Sharc. Most recently connecting with TM88 for their 2021 collaborative effort Yo!88, Bourne has truly been on a roll as one of the most prolific producer-rappers of our generation. Along with joint efforts by SOSSHOUSE signees in Sharc and Chavo, the “Magnolia” producer’s relentless work ethic is always on full display.

Pi’erre has made it a point lately to put on for the newer acts of his SOSSHOUSE imprint, appearing alongside J Billz and Kura for fantastic first offerings to their discography. Kura’s rock-infused “Hold It Up” sees Pi’erre in a production bag fans aren’t used to. However, it seems as though the magnetic rap icon has more plans to evolve his sound in the near future.

With TLOP5 and Yo!88 in the rearview, the SOSSBOY is already teasing fans with another solo project as well as his next collaborative effort with Memphis legend Juicy J. The producer-emcee has took to Instagram in recent weeks to ask fans who they would like to see on his upcoming album dubbed “GM” as he waits on a few last features to clear.

An upcoming single from Pi’erre is sure to be on its way much sooner than later, as “The Purple Tour” seems to act as a transitional buffer for Bourne’s next sonic era.

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