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Pi’erre Bourne works his magic on Mass Appeal’s ‘Rhythm Roulette’

Nearly two weeks removed from the release of his latest 23-track studio album Good Movie, Pi’erre Bourne is proving that he is always in his bag.

In the midst of his accompanying tour for the LP, Pi’erre paid a visit to the “Rhythm Roulette” segment on Mass Appeal’s YouTube channel on Wednesday (Sept. 14). Mass Appeal, the entertainment brand connected to Nas‘ Mass Appeal record label, has been doing many of these spectacular episodes over the years, where they bring in notable hip-hop producers to sample songs for beats they never would use otherwise.

Whether it be classic episodes like 2014’s Mac Miller and 2016’s Big K.R.I.T. segments, or newer ones like Powers Pleasant‘s and Hollywood Cole‘s, “Rhythm Roulette” truly showcases the talent these producers and producer-rappers possess. The process of going to a record store, blind-folding producers, having them pick three random records and then making beats sampling them has always yielded fascinating results.

“Sampling will never die,” Pi’erre said. “People sample everybody. Sampling’s a part of hip-hop. Whether you consider it or not, even the drum sounds we use is sampling from wherever it came from.”

For Pi’erre’s episode, which takes place in A1 Record Shop in New York, the three vinyls he happens to choose all contain mostly jazz and soul elements. Adding his signature flair to songs from albums like The Commodores‘ 1975 sophomore album Movin’ On, Kashif’s 1985 album Condition of the Heart and Nucleus‘ 1975 project Snakehips Etcetera, Pi’erre demonstrates how his skillset is one of a kind. Combining his excellent ear for melodies and including his famed “Yo, Pi’erre” producer tag, heard on songs like “Bean (Kobe)” by Lil Uzi Vert and Chief Keef, it’s easy to see how passionate he is about his craft.

Check out the latest episode of “Rhythm Roulette” below!

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