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Playboi Carti’s Opium Records may be the new wave’s Young Money

Playboi Carti hinted that he would be dropping NARCISSIST — a mysterious project announced a few weeks ago — on Sept. 13. Since that announcement, Carti has been MIA, leaving fans to wonder if his project will actually release sometime soon.

Playboi Carti wants to ‘drop NARCISSIST now’

With a NARCISSIST tour already slated for 2021-22, it seems as though Carti is still in the preparation stages of the album. In the meantime, he has been working on business moves, even mentioning on Whole Lotta Red’s “Punk Monk” that he’s been trying to start his own label for some time now.

As a result, he founded Opium Records, which currently houses a few underground artists that are sure to take over the limelight under Carti’s imprint. While we wait on news of his personal releases, take an opportunity to get to know some of his budding protégées.

Ken Car$on

Ken Car$on has been seeing a huge increase in popularity in the last year with his EP Teen X: Relapsed and his debut album Project X. His use of heavy synths and 808s with repetitive hooks is reminiscent of Carti’s most recent “punk” sound with his own twist. He has production credits on “Beno!” off of Whole Lotta Red as well as close affiliation with production team 808 Mafia, proving to be a multitalented artist.

Destroy Lonely

Destroy Lonely has been making waves with his hit single “Bane” an autotuned collection of flows. His ability to seamlessly transition from delivery to delivery makes him sound like two rappers on the same track. He recently implied that his heavily anticipated album, No Stylist, will be arriving shortly after his show on Sept. 24.

Destroy Lonely Interview: Opium signee is on a path to superstardom

Capo Ree (Capo DTE)

Capo Ree (aka Capo DTE) is a frequent collaborator of Ken Car$on. The Atlanta rapper has been dropping solo single after single since 2019, ultimately releasing his debut album Hood Etiquette. His aggressive, autotuned delivery adds a vicious quality to his songs that are sure to open moshpits. His most recent single “Pull Up” is a ruthless diss to his opposition.

International Jefe

If you are looking for catchy hooks and hilarious bars, check out International Jefe. His single “Joker” is an entertaining look into his style as he drops humorous metaphors with a unique use of autotune. He is yet to drop any music this year, but his recent affiliation with Opium implies that there is more material to come.

Lil Unky

Lil Unky hasn’t been around for very long but you wouldn’t be able to tell with the soul in his voice. Contrary to most of the other artists listed, his sound is much more focused on melodies and slower songs. His most recent EP is 800 Ways, with the deluxe bringing the tracklist to 12 songs. His delivery is passionate and melancholy in comparison to his fellow Opium signees, showing some versatility in the label.

As Carti continues to play with his fans’ emotions, his new signees have more than enough material to hold listeners over as we await news on the status of NARCISSIST. Look out for this group of young rappers as they make a lane for themselves in the industry.