Polo G’s sister Leilani shares first official single ‘Last Strike’

It seems as though Polo G isn’t the only musically-gifted member of his family. His sister, incoming R&B singer Leilani, is striving to pave her own way in the industry with her debut single, “Last Strike.”

Bearing a striking resemblance to her brother, the Chicago-based singer croons sweet melodies on her first-ever release. Lyrics about heartbreak are laced with a piano-infused beat that resembles the instrumentals her brother has become famous for in recent years.

Visuals for the track depict scenes of a volatile relationship as she kicks her former lover out of a luxurious mansion — and at one point, throwing his clothes off the balcony, further depicting her so-called “Last Strike” with her lover.

It’s unclear if “Last Strike” is the first single off an upcoming, full-length project, however, Leilani displays a fresh sound and immaculate singing chops far beyond expectations for someone who just released her first track.

As “Last Strike” proves that she doesn’t need her brother’s assistance to gather a fanbase — already racking up over 40k views on YouTube — Leilani is in the driver’s seat, taking off on her own journey in music.

Listen to ‘Last Strike’ by Leilani below!


Even though [the record] is personal, I’m not the only one that feels that way. As much as we’re all snowflakes, we’re all unique, but we’re all still snowflakes.”

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