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Pusha T talks producers, his career, and more on new ‘Hot Ones’ interview

While everyone is eagerly awaiting his next highly-anticipated LP, Pusha T sat in the hot seat across from Sean Evans in First We Feast’s latest Hot Ones interview.

The Virginia rapper faced the daunting challenge head-on, breezing through the initial few wings while delivering some knowledge on his early career choices. He talked about his overall image and what it meant to him to take some time in between each project. Unlike the majority of rap superstars, Push doesn’t endlessly feed fans with yearly drops. Instead, he takes his time and ensures that each one is distinct and, to him, perfect.

“I just feel like my brand is all about creating masterpieces and I don’t know if masterpieces get churned out every six months, nine months, or every year actually… I’m very specific in what it is I’m trying to make”

Pusha T on his creative process

On the topic of Ye and working with him during the now-mythicized Hawaii and Wyoming sessions, Push only had fond things to say about his time spent there. He recalls that during those times, he was never unfocused and was able to just hone in on what the team needed to accomplish. There were no distractions compared to if they were recording in larger cities like New York or Los Angeles, says Push.

“That’s the gift of him. His instincts. He’s pretty spot on instinctively. He just feels like a song is missing something or feels like the art is not as strong as it could be…. He works until the last minute so you always got that opportunity to be great”

Pusha T on recording with Kanye and his last-minute suggestions

The critically-acclaimed rapper marched onward through the spice-filled gauntlet while Evans asked him about some items from his past — and whether or not he would want to see them make a comeback in some way. For the most part, Push said he would be more than happy to see the return of G-Shock watches and Acura Legend coupes, but did not want to see any comeback for throwback jerseys.

He went on to say how Workwear, the company he uses for his artwork, was one business venture that he was proud to be apart of early on. It was a partnership that clearly lasted between the two and one that Push would hope to repeat with his current or potential future endeavors.

Midway through the interview, Sean asks Push how it must feel to “make the same album” time and time again — as Push himself referenced before. To answer, he compares himself to one of the greatest directors of all time and explains how even though it may be the same topic, the results never misses the mark. With his album on the way, the sentiment seems to ring true based on the first single “Diet Coke.”

“I am like the Martin Scorsese of street raps. That’s how I wanna be seen. Scorsese gives you ‘The Departed,’ ‘Goodfellas,’ and a host of other joints. You never ask him to make a love story and that’s how I want you to look at me rap wise.

Pusha T on “making the same album”

Unfortunately, the Clipse member wasn’t able to get past the dreaded “Da-Bomb” hot sauce and had to call it before he could finish his final bites. Before he left, he answered a few more of Sean’s lingering questions. When asked about his classic 2006 Clipse album Hell Hath No Fury, Push thought back to the making of the now iconic tape.

“There was absolutely, positively not one compromise on that album. Not one compromise lyrically. Not one compromise beat wise. I don’t think we ever thought about making a hit. I don’t think we ever thought about doing anything other than making just the hardest, hardest record you know”

Pusha T on ‘Hell Hath No Fury’

Push may have not completed the wings, but he did drop some wisdom on his influences and career. He talked about how the culture clash found in Virginia widened his musical horizons and helped craft his style into what is today. With his album looming closer, fans can look forward to more of those addictively classic beats and of course, more coke-laced bars.

Watch Pusha T’s interview below!