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Rot Ken drops brand new album ‘Yahweh Child’

Spending nearly a year behind bars could not slow down Rot Ken. After releasing his May album Free Ken in the midst of a 9-10 month jail sentence, the Georgian is now a free man and has fed his fans even more.

On Dec. 9, he released his new studio album Yahweh Child, making it his second project of the year.

Since gaining his freedom back in July, Ken has delivered three singles to DSPs and another solely on YouTube titled “Bubbly,” which came in the form of a music video on Oct. 20. Of these four releases, “Bubbly,” “No Mind” (Sept. 2) and “Heartless” (Sept. 30) were included on the Yahweh Child track list, only leaving out July 29’s “Rollin.”

On the same day as the LP’s release (Dec. 9), Ken put out the music video for the second song “Mask On,” one of the four songs on the album with production from jetsonmade.

In a recent exclusive interview we conducted with him in September, he spoke on how he wanted to bring diversity on this project, and what this album would do for his career.

“I wanna name my album ‘Yahweh Child’ which means ‘God’s child,’ and this will separate me from a lot of the crowd,” he said. “My fans can expect me to be dropping music for every sound in every genre. I wanna be the best in every category.”

Rot Ken to OGM

Additionally throughout the Q&A, Ken told us about how he had been making about 18 songs a week since his release, and how the Internet Money family “changed his life.” With production credits from Census, Taz Taylor and Rio Leyva of Internet Money, as well as a singular feature from Yung Sinn, it’s clear that all of Ken’s hard work for this album has finally come to fruition.

Now that we have Yahweh Child, it is obvious that Ken is one of the underground’s best voices to offer, in terms of both melodies and message.

Check out Rot Ken’s new album below!