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Russ recruits Ed Sheeran for new banger ‘Are You Entertained’

Proving to be one of the most unexpected collaborations of the year, Russ and Ed Sheeran’s “Are You Entertained” is a moment for each artist involved.

First teased on social media last week, Russ’ latest track is the notoriously independent rapper’s third offering this month. It came as a welcome surprise to many longtime fans of the Chomp 2 emcee, as Ed Sheeran has been one of the biggest names in music since “Shape Of You” dominated US charts in 2017. “I’m independently putting out a record with Ed Sheeran…levels,” Russ wrote on Twitter, taking a moment to appreciate this new feather in his cap amid a career full of them.

Aside from Russ sampling Sheeran on his 2014 track “We Should All Burn Together,” this marks the first official collaboration between the two. “Are You Entertained” finds both artists at the top of their game, as the track is a reflective message to anyone who has doubted the pair’s individual careers and how they’re living life to the fullest.

The production proves to be moody and more dark for a typical Ed Sheeran cut — even touting a slight influence of drill interpolation. Between both artists’ verses, Ed and Russ also showcase how they’re able to intertwine more melodic elements into a darker pocket of their sound.

Every time, every night is a loose one

And every flight, you know that I put the crew on

You say that I dropped off, well, then tell me what you done

I’m still in my winnin’ phase, yeah, I been away

Are you entertained? I’m gone

“Are You Entertained” – Russ and Ed Sheeran

Coinciding the new single, Russ has found himself in the midst of a hot streak — firing off “Are You Entertained,” “Paddington Freestyle” and “Yes Sir” all since the end of June. While these tracks are poised to end up on the DIEMON head honcho’s next LP, Russ is also coming off the release of Chomp 2 last December, which was met with strong reviews from both critics and fans alike.

With the amount of quality music Russ has shared this year — and earning a co-sign from one of music’s most prolific chart-toppers — there is no doubt that whatever project the New Jersey-bred rapper is cooking up will be one of 2022’s best.

Check out the music video for “Are You Entertained” below!