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Rvssian, Future recruit Lil Baby on new track ‘M&M’

Even without sharing full-length projects this year, Atlanta legends Future and Lil Baby continue to be the unapologetic, inimitable superstars hip-hop has fully embraced.

Off the back of successful feature runs in 2021 – touting the ability to take over any track that comes their way – the ATL mainstays not only linked up for an end-of-year banger but strives to bring parties to life during the holiday season. Alongside Jamaican producer and entrepreneur Rvssian, the trio leads in New Year’s celebrations with their riveting club hit “M&M.”

Rvssian boasts an impressive track record in his career, often tapping in with the Latin music scene as well as the American music scene. Some of his most popular tracks consist of working with artists like Bad Bunny, Farruko, Rauw Alejandro, French Montana, and can now officially add Lil Baby and Future to his resume. 

Both Atlanta icons have stayed plenty busy this year. The duo recently connected with breakout star Nardo Wick on “Me or Sum” which came off Nardo’s debut project Who is Nardo Wick?

Now combining their respective talents, “M&M” kicks off with horn-like sounds and a retro synth loop, as Lil Baby leads off with visceral wordplay and razor-sharp bars that have become a staple of his artistic arsenal. Displaying his state-of-the-art flow while confidently taking control of the track, Future comes in with a refined sense of urgency – matching Baby’s energy bar-for-bar and, blending their unique cadences seamlessly across the record. 

Lil Baby not only spits an impressive chorus at the start of the Rvssian-produced banger, but further displays his refined track presence that’s taken the industry by storm in recent years. As his hook carries listeners throughout “M&M,” Baby raps about leveling up on his haters, the bills he’s been stacking while emanating a “rags to riches” energy on his respective verses.

I checked my bank account, it was negative

I checked again, I had me some M&Ms

I ain’t fuckin’ on a ho if she regular

I’m putting bad bitches on the schedule

They dropped the sauce, they mad I leveled up

Shine in the dark, I’m holdin’ my Rollies up

I’m from the streets, I got my portfolio

They talkin’ bad, they don’t even know me though

Rvssian, Future, Lil Baby — “M&M”

Although only 38 seconds long, Future makes a statement in his verse. His raspy voice and swift flow combine for the ultimate listening experience. He goes into detail about his money, jewelery, and linking up with different women while effortleslly capturing the attention of listeners.

Just like the popular candy, “M&M” sounds as great as they taste. The track is an absolute treat with an exotic instrumental, addicting melodies, and a diverse range of flows — there is something for everyone to like. Let’s hope this isn’t the last we see of the tremendous trio.

Check out “M&M” below!