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Slump6s transforms on sophomore project ‘Genesis’

After releasing his teaser EP B4GEN on June 24, Slump6s is continuing his new wave tear with his long-awaited 21-track album, Genesis. Released on July 22 with features from Destroy Lonely and sgpwes, Slump’s follow-up to his 2021 debut Origin just might be one of the biggest drops in the underground yet.

After recently losing access to his official Instagram account and building up a new platform under @hateslump, the New York native is hungrier than ever — getting right back to where he left off on B4GEN. Although the 18-year-old emcee was planning to gift fans with this project last month, there were a few setbacks on the production side of things, most of which involving sample clearances.

Fortunately, Slump6s and his team were able to work everything out before the summer settled down. On his full sophomore effort Genesis, the NYC genre-bender showcases extreme versatility throughout the project’s entirety. Songs such as “First M” and “Star” have Slump rapping about love, family, blowing up and his youth above it all. Conversely, on other tracks like “Liv & Maddie” featuring sgpwes and “No ID,” Slump fully fleshes out his classically aggressive rage sound — bringing an energy not found anywhere else in the new wave.

“Shout out my mother she ain’t care if I get a job, only care that I made it in life

Shout out my father he introduced me to the music, now I’m recording every night

Shout out my brother he don’t really know it but he keep me goin to be a good influence

If I wanted to quit right now I still wouldn’t do it cuz I’m way to into it”

“First M” – Slump6s

Genesis consists of banger after banger as Slump tears apart every single track and is able to find new pockets in his flow. He demonstrates his ability to balance sounds using a melodic tone in each song over hard-hitting instrumentals from a variety of new class producers such as Bhristo and Zayskillz.

Overall, Genesis illustrates Slump6s’ extreme potential as a young artist and reveals the exceptional growth in his sound — strongly asserting that he’s here to stay.

Listen to Genesis below!

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