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Slump6s knows something you don’t on ‘IYKYK’

The underground has been unabashedly relentless this year, as all of the game’s fast-rising newcomers continue to pick up steam with constant drops and experimental sounds.

One artist who consistently pushes the boundaries is New York native Slump6s, proving that age is just a number with the 17-year-old showing maturity in his sound beyond his years. His new track “IYKYK” is another testament to the NYC rapper’s affinity for wicked fast flows that have become synonymous with his style.

“I call her phone and then she answer

My choppa singing like PinkPantheress

I put a rack on his head like a antler

Then send that boy right up to God

That nigga talking, I find that shit odd

Nigga be toting without any opps

“How much you made?” Man, I made like a lot

These niggas be watching my pockets”

Slump6s — “IYKYK”

“IYKYK” brings out a whole new side of Slump, as a mellow, sample-driven instrumental backs his classic rapid-fire delivery. The accompanying video features appearances from a bunch of Slump’s friends, including 14-year-old producer extraordinaire Maajins, who had his hand in creating this beat.

With no end to his single streak in sight, Slump6s hasn’t taken a break this year, flooding the streets with four YouTube exclusives in the last month, each touting their own unique sound. The up-and-comer took to IG on May 9 to let the fans know that his next project Genesis is complete, though it’s unclear if any of these tracks will make the cut.

Get ready for Genesis as Slump6s continues to prove his versatility with every passing drop. With a solid foundation, talent and rising song quality, there’s nowhere to go but up for the underground’s most energetic freshman.

Check out ‘IYKYK’ by Slump6s below!

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