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SSGKobe With Cole Bennett

SSGKobe spotted with Cole Bennett on new video shoot

Louisiana rapper SSGKobe seems to be working on new visuals with Lyrical Lemonade head honcho Cole Bennett.

SSGKobe has been making waves these last few months since his breakout hit “thrax” off of his two-song EP, night before ko, released in late February.

Similar to Goku’s Super Saiyan evolution from which his acronym originates, SSGKobe seems to be powering up at an incredible rate, with each release being more impactful than the last. Less than a year ago, he got his first big collaboration with “Feelings” produced by Internet Money, arguably the biggest production team in the game as of right now.

Since then, he has been relentlessly releasing hit after hit, dropping his first Cole Bennett collaboration “Calabasas” featuring Lyrical Lemonade veteran $NOT. The video shows both rappers doing outlandish activities and changing outfits every couple of bars to create a carefree atmosphere to the track.

Earlier this year, he released KO. — a 7-track project that showcased the 17-year-old rapper’s growing skill-set. From melodic, autotuned singing to punchline-heavy monotone rapping, his potential seems to be limitless as he rises in popularity at an unmatched pace.

His most recent collaboration finds him on posse cut “Antisocial 2” by BabySantana, a song that found its way to the top of the SoundCloud algorithm. Featuring alongside Slump6s, Yung Fazo and Xhulooo, Kobe proves he can hold his own on a track that isn’t his own with ease.

Kobe recently met up with OGM for an interview with Hakeem, discussing his background and moves he is looking to make as he continues his journey to inevitable stardom.

He was also present at the OGM x DotComNirvan show in LA that was shut down by the LAPD, appearing with DC the Don, Matt Ox, TyFontaine, 24kGoldn and more. Nick Mira, Dro Kenji and Taz Taylor of the aforementioned Internet Money also showed face at the event.

Until “MIA’s” visuals release, the young buzzing rapper continues to impress listeners with his vocal versatility, as fans can only wait for his collab with Cole Bennett.

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