Steve Lacy lets a ‘BAD HABIT’ get the best of him ahead of ‘Gemini Rights’

The ever-elusive Steve Lacy is certainly a “myth” and a “legend” in his own right. Two weeks after announcing his forthcoming sophomore album, Gemini Rights, with its lead single “Mercury,” The Internet singer-guitarist revealed on Tuesday (June 28) that his long-awaited LP is set for release on July 15.

Following his 2019 debut solo effort, Apollo XX1, and 2020 project The Lo-Fis, the Compton-based multihyphenate’s return is met with resounding praise from longtime fans. The “Dark Red” emcee shared that his upcoming album will be “10 songs” during an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe.

Also speaking on self-producing a majority of Gemini Rights, he revealed that the album is co-written by Fousheé — who touts a writing credit on the first single “Mercury” (June 15). In a new press release, Lacy further explained the overall essence of his next album, describing Gemini Rights to be “savage, hilarious, tender, sexy, gender fluid, heartbroken, forthright, polyamorous, full of longing, and wears its heart on its sleeve in the best ways possible.”

“My whole philosophy on music is, well, one, get in, get out. I don’t want to take people’s lives. I want them to make a decision to want to keep playing it again. I try my best to make my music to where you want to do that again. I produced about 90% of the record, still. I tried to be like, ‘Oh, I need an executive producer, da, da, da.’ But I ended up still doing it.”

Steve Lacy via interview

Sharing the album’s cover art on Tuesday (June 28), Lacy dropped the album’s second promotional single “Bad Habit” at midnight on Wednesday (June 29). The funky synth ballad sees Lacy channel the great Andre 3000 with glistening falsetto and potent rhyme schemes as he pens his regret over a relationship that never took off.

“I bite my tongue, it’s a bad habit / Kinda mad that I didn’t take a stab at it / Thought you were too good for me, my dear,” he croons, divulging that his inability to pursue this love interest stems from internal feelings of mediocrity.

Lacy’s “Mercury” is a whimsical and forward-thinking effort — making the track’s atmospheric, disorientating aura its focal point. His performance is ghostly and feels like a fever dream, as the near 5-minute long single is a confessional of his innermost thoughts, with Lacy crooning over jazzy, flamenco-influenced guitars and haunting background vocals.

The depth in lines like “I know myself, my sins,” gives “Mercury” an off-kilter flair only Lacy can supply, as the multi-genre specialist continues to showcase his uniquely, eclectic skillset on every track he touches. Its accompanying music video sees Lacy wander around a massive warehouse, wearing space-like sunglasses and a shirt plastered with a dollar sign on the front and a target on the back.

I’m a myth and a legend

Who never wins

And might not ever play again

Keep falling in

Oh I know myself, my sins

Dug my pit, then I fell in

Pulled the trigger, killed us both

Lesson learned but truth gets old.”

Steve Lacy — “Mercury”

Previously, Lacy teamed up with Thundercat and Childish Gambino for “Black Qualls” off Thundercat’s latest full-length album It Is What It Is. His new single also precedes his upcoming contribution to Brent Faiyaz’s Wasteland — which is also slated for release sometime this summer.

While Lacy continues to roll out Gemini Rights, “Mercury” is a starry-eyed escapade that wholeheartedly excites listeners for the rest of his otherwordly LP.

Watch the music video for Steve Lacy’s “Mercury” below!


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