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Sunny 2point0 assembles underground Avengers for new single ‘Wealthy Villains’

As the new wave of underground stars begin to break into mainstream markets, many up-and-coming acts are banding together to increase their visibility.

Hip-hop has always been a collaborative space, bringing together talented lyricists and vocalists with different musical backgrounds and deliveries to create innovative sounds. Posse cuts are perfect examples of this, where four or more artists will hop on the same beat to showcase their respective skills.

On Sunny 2point0’s “Wealthy Villains,” his crew does just that — tapping Matt Ox, Zelly Ocho, Lil Candy Paint and TyFontaine for a rage-inducing banger with a booming instrumental from prodigal producer sharkboy.

The Florida rapper has garnered a loyal fanbase through his affiliation with Trippie Redd’s 1400 label, building a name for himself by way of the new wave’s patented, euphoric energy and underground aesthetic.

Similarly, Sunny has been heating up in 2022 after a brief hiatus, dropping his first single of the year in early April. “Velveeta Shells” reestablished the 1400 signee as one of the original leaders of the “rage” movement, pioneering the sub-genre with some of his 2020 singles, such as “Hello Kitty” with Trippie Redd.

As new artists blow up daily, it’s warming to see that the underground scene remains tight-knit. Keep an eye on these “Wealthy Villains” as they create and celebrate their newfound success hand-in-hand.

Check out “Wealthy Villains” below!