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Teezo Touchdown is here to stay

“Mayor of Midville” Teezo Touchdown is a once in a lifetime type of entertainer.

Donning nails in his hair, chain-linked necklaces, a microphone bouquet and eye-black fit for the football field, Teezo’s aura is enigmatic — as his ability to craft rambunctious rock-infused anthems has catapulted the Texas native to new heights.

Teezo fully embodies his individuality. In an interview with Pigeons and Planes last year, Teezo learned how produce, record and edit on his own accord — not because he wanted to, but out of necessity. “It comes when you’re in a room by yourself and your resources are limited,” Teezo said to P&P. “So you just DIY and put what you have together with the skills that you’ve learned and put it into what you’re doing.”

Those days working on his own have ultimately paid off, as Teezo is experiencing an ascension in 2021. His 70s-era style and Michael Jackson-esque swagger has lifted his campaign “Rid The Mid” to virality — creating a cult-like following that his latest single “Mid” calls to action.

Appearing on Kenny Beats YouTube series “The Cave” July 9, Teezo brought the house down during his performance — turning the “D.O.T.S.”studio into an immersive, live concert. Working the imaginary crowd, Teezo’s ear is simply impossible to copy. Showcasing his impressive vocal range, airy vocal stems and grimy, rock-infused bass-playing, the rap-rocker also caught the eye of Tyler, The Creator, earning a feature on CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST‘s anthemic “RUN IT UP.”

Continuing his campaign as the “Mayor of Midville,” Teezo wants fans to cast a vote on his website — endorsing him in his fight to “rid the mid.” In a viral skit, Teezo and his friends explain what it feels like when a “mid” song plays at a function. His ultimate goal: Show people that his music is far from the “mid” he’s clearing from the streets.

With a plethora of singles, Teezo has yet to release a full-length album. His other 2021 track in “Technically” combines sounds similar to that of the new wave’s mellow, plugg-style production. Yet, Teezo makes it his own — sweetening the track with waves of auto-tuned crooning and braggadocious rhymes.

With intimate singer-songwriter cuts such as “Strong Friend” and “Rooting For You,” his allure stems from his uncanny combination of sounds throughout his discography. Primarily leaning on his rock-background as a bass player, tracks in “Social Cues” and “Careful” fall in line with converse rap’s left-of-center sound.

However, Teezo isn’t a rapper — he’s everything and anything fans need him to be — continuing his rise as an independent force to be reckoned with.

Don’t worry, you’re still early on the takeover of Teezo Touchdown.