Tune in to The Weeknd’s new album ‘Dawn FM’

It seems as though every time The Weeknd shares a new experience, it’s a moment that can’t be missed. The Dawn has been upon us for quite some time, as Abel Tesfaye’s long-awaited follow up to After Hours is finally here.

After a barrage of teasers posted to social media, The Weeknd triumphantly returned with his fifth studio album Dawn FM (Jan. 7), and the second part of his new “trilogy.”

His latest era has tons to unpack, as Dawn FM follows The Weeknd’s endeavor into the unknown — striving to keep afloat and following the light amid the darkness. Engulfed in a state of transitionary euphoria mimicking the feelings of dying, themes of depression, self regret, lost love and illuminating references to the beauty of death are a poignant play on the concepts of the afterlife.

Scoring high marks from both critics and fans alike, Dawn FM has over eclipsed 60 million streams in its first weekend. The Weeknd topped off the second chapter of his new trilogy with a deluxe “Alternate World” which features a remix to “Sacrifice,” “Take My Breath” and adds Abel’s collaboration with Swedish House Mafia “Moth To A Flame.”

“Every Angel Is Terrifying” is a perfect example of Abel’s frame of mind on Dawn FM. The album jolts from a haunting passage from The Weeknd into an infomercial selling listeners on the extravagance of afterlife. A soul-grabbing, ghost-like presence is felt throughout the album, as actor Jim Carrey’s frequent radio timeouts further allow the listener to sink their teeth into Dawn FM’s iridescent storyline.

However, the music always reigns supreme for Abel, as The Weeknd turns in instant classics like “Sacrifice” produced by Quincy Jones — who had a hand in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” — “Out Of Time,” and “Is There Someone Else?” Among the album’s 16 tracks, Tyler, The Creator’s verse on “Here We Go… Again” is a perfect addition to the tracklist — complementing sonic chameleon Lil Wayne on “I Heard You’re Married.”

Abel’s melodies are ghostly, luscious and hauntingly swell over each track, cascading into commercial breaks and chilling transitions that seemingly brings listeners closer to the light.

Carrey’s soothing yet eerie narration brings Dawn FM to an entirely different place — sounding as if you are listening along to a radio station you’re unable to change. Immersing fans into his ‘80s pop-inspired “sonic universe,” The Weeknd’s ability to curate a cinematic experience within his music is still second to none. We’ve seen this before on previous records in StarBoy, My Dear Melancholy and most notably After Hours.

Dawn FM is no different, as The Weeknd continues to display a potency that very few artists possess in their careers — creating an alternate universe where the music matters most.

One of the most popular artists of our generation, The Weeknd’s artistic impact will certainly be forever cherished. Ushering in the chilling second chapter of a new trilogy, Dawn FM seems to be just as grandiose and riveting as After Hours — if not more.

Tune in to 103.5 Dawn FM below.

The Weeknd teases new album ‘The Dawn’ in slew of posts

The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc again, as the latest Omicron variant spread like wildfire through the country at the end of 2021.

With no end in sight for the pandemic — and a continuous dark cloud seemingly hovering over society as a whole — The Weeknd feels a duty to lighten everyone’s spirits.

As COVID-19 personally impacted him as well, causing him to delay the tour for this March 2020 blockbuster album After Hours, he wants to help his fans power through the difficult time. To kick off the new year, Abel posted a text conversation between him and his creative director and co-founder of his XO label La Mar Taylor that he wants to scrap any rollout for his upcoming album The Dawn and get it released as soon as possible.

In the message he sent, he felt life had become chaotic again, and reminded Taylor the ultimate goal of music was to help heal.

The Dawn will accompany After Hours for The Weeknd’s 2022 tour as he will center it around both of his recent albums. While there is currently no tracklist, cover art or release date for The Dawn, Abel likely gave fans at least one promotional single with his Aug. 6 release, “Take My Breath.”

Along with this, he closed out the year with big name collaborations in “One Right Now” with Post Malone and “Tears In The Club” with FKA Twigs. It seems that Abel feels he has done enough build-up for his upcoming album, and is now focused on getting it out to his fans.

The impact of his last project was more significant than any other body of work he’s created — perhaps even greater than Trilogy considering how he personally shaped pop-culture in 2020.

If The Dawn is anywhere close to as intriguing as After Hours, we could be very close to an epic effort by The Weeknd.

Listen to The Weeknd’s latest below!

FKA Twigs connects with The Weeknd on ‘Tears in the Club’

Post Malone, The Weeknd battle in gruesome gunfight on ‘One Right Now’

The Weeknd, Swedish House Mafia collide for another hit ‘Moth to a Flame’

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