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THEY. feel ‘Lonely’ with Bino Rideaux on new single

R&B duo THEY. have made a momentous comeback since their short hiatus last year — returning to drop a succession of sultry hits all ahead of their unnamed, upcoming album.

Their latest offering “Lonely” with Los Angeles-based rapper Bino Rideaux is an unexpected yet well-placed combo that lifts those late-night summertime vibes through the roof. The tandem, which consists of Dante Jones and Drew Love, continue their undefeated streak of romantic ballads as an acoustic guitar backs their love-struck verses. Bino slides in for his autotune-infused portion, contrasting THEY.’s natural vocals in the best way possible — speaking on planning romantic nights with “no pressure” and “pleasure with no hesitation.”

“No pressure, baby

I can feel the pressure when we textin’, lately

Dinner with dessert, I’ll make the reservation

I can give you pleasure with no hesitation”

Drew Love — ‘Lonely’ (THEY).

Despite their origins in California, THEY.’s music generally has its own high-energy, bass-heavy sound. This new release is a departure from that style, manifesting more relaxed West Coast vibes.

“A departure from the darkness of ‘Blü Moon’ and ‘Comfortable,’ ‘Lonely’ has an upbeat, west coast bounce to it, which is a vibe we’ve always loved but hadn’t really tapped into before. It has this late night kick back feel, making it the perfect record to cap off the summer.”

THEY. on “Lonely”

With three singles under their belt already, it seems like their next project is right around the corner as the rollout picks up. If these singles are indicative of the quality of their next album, fans are in for a swooning, sweet treat.

Check out ‘Lonely’ by THEY. below!