Tierra Whack gives stunning live performances of three songs from her recent EPs

For three weeks in December, Philly’s genre-bending rapper-vocalist Tierra Whack took over, giving her fans a different EP on Dec. 2, Dec. 9 and Dec. 16. Each three-pack of songs capitalized off one of the three genres Tierra inserts into her music, beginning with Rap?, then Pop? and lastly, R&B?

To help commemorate this three-week winter dynasty, Tierra came together with Billboard and Honda to perform one song from each mini-project. Starting with the hip-hop leaning “Meagan Good” from Rap?, Whack rocks a vibrant orange pant suit and stuns in the back of a shipping truck.

Next, in the performance of “Dolly” from Pop?, Tierra’s vocals shine thru on the romantic cut as she sits in a set made to look like a childhood bedroom.

Lastly, her self-reflective, melancholic singing of “Sorry” from R&B? over a mellow trap beat is accentuated by her astounding yellow dress.

To accompany these three “Honda Stage” performances, Tierra also provided a short, seven minute and 40 second documentary titled “Tierra Whack is Reimagining Music” in which she delves into the three genres that make up her artistic vision.

Along with checking out Tierra Whack put on a show with live renditions of “Meagan Good,” “Dolly” and “Sorry,” stream ‘Pop?’ and ‘R&B?’ and read about ‘Rap?’ below!

Tierra Whack returns with ‘Rap?’ three-pack

Philadelphia’s Tierra Whack has been one of hip-hop’s most eccentric and innovative minds in the last half-decade. Evident in her immersive 2018 debut album Whack World — a 15-song, 15-minute project with experimental and impactful sequencing — Tierra brings an exuberant philosophy to the table that not many others do. Even JAY-Z himself considers Whack to be one of rap’s wild card.

Since Whack World‘s release, Tierra has been steadily dropping tracks over the course of the last few years. However, Whack shared her first semblance of a project in a while with her new 3-track EP, Rap?

The project’s first song “Stand Up,” produced by Whack’s essential in-house producer J Melodic, features a stripped back instrumental, which allows Tierra to show off her soft, but gripping flow. She demands everyone’s attention with her bars, reiterating that her talent, above all, is what separates her from her contemporaries.

I really only smile just to show my grill

Rather have the skill than the sex appeal

Signed a Lego deal just so I could build

Hammer Time, baby, this is not a drill, mm

“Stand Up ” — Tierra Whack

Tierra comes with a more energetic, melodic approach on the next song “Meagan Good,” named after the “Stomp The Yard” actress and stunning model. The verses are full of passion and spite, as Whack provides anecdotes of a failed relationship. Her resentment is felt, as she bosses up on her ex by asserting that she’s “doin’ Meagan Good.”

Even when you cheated, I felt defeated, but didn’t seem it

I went and cheated back, I was heated, now I’m conceited

I know nothin’ last forever but I thought we would

Now you see me doin’ better, you wan’ treat me good

“Meagan Good” — Tierra Whack

The three-pack’s last song “Millions” is the most upbeat, as the groovy production and background harmonies allow Tierra to develop a comfortable rhythm. With the most nonchalant bars of the three songs on Rap?, “Millions” shows that Whack can be entertaining even without a strict topical focus.

Momma so proud, I don’t owe you n****s nothin’

I be just chillin’, they like, “Whack, why you stuntin’?”

Watch out for the snakes, they’ll do you greazy (Yeah)

I be with cousin, that’s my lil’ Yeefy (Yeah, yeah)

I’ll be there for him if he do ever need me (Yeah)

“Millions” — Tierra Whack

This project finally sees Tierra Whack give her fans a full taste of her sound as of recent, compared to the previous nibbles she’s allowed with just singles.

Check out what she has to offer on her new three-song EP ‘Rap?’ below!


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