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TikTok spawns new wave of SoundCloud rappers

As fans of hip-hop and music in general, we’ve become no strangers to TikTok dictating the latest trends in music. This phenomenon started as catchy songs would develop into dance trends or be applied to a relatable, widespread scenario.

As TikTok grew in popularity, so did its ability to be the backbone in jumpstarting rappers’ careers. Artists such as Pooh Shiesty, Sada Baby, Coi Leray and more have seen major success on the platform — despite not being actual TikTokers themselves — with content creators now using TikTok as a launch pad into the music industry.

Fase Yoda is a perfect example of this circumstance. His first song, “Butterflies,” was released two weeks ago and is doing insane numbers as of late. After a week on YouTube, its accompanying music video has garnered over 800,000 views, with the song accumulating almost 1.5 million plays on Spotify.

Yoda is mostly known for his short clips featuring music that fits a specific situation, usually regarding his conduct with women and money. Now that it seems he has branched out to make music for his newfound audience, it seems to be working for him, as it will be interesting if this career switch will be a permanent move.

Lil Xxel is another TikTok content creator who has utilized the platform to skyrocket his career. His biggest song “LMK”, has 92 million streams on Spotify and 17 million views on YouTube.

Both Yoda and Xxel use a melodic style of rap that has plenty of commercial appeal — fitting the bill for songs that have been able to make moves on TikTok. There collective ability to begin dominating charts so early in their careers is proof that this may become a new wave for younger artists.

As time goes on, fans will surely see more aspiring artists striving to make a name for themselves on Tik Tok — and perhaps new social platforms down the line.