Why lawyers say it’s ‘a stretch’ to pin all blame on Travis Scott

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Following the massive crowd surge at Astroworld Festival in Houston — leaving 10 dead and hundreds more injured — it may be difficult to prove Travis Scott is solely at fault for the events that transpired on Nov. 5 at NRG Park.

It was initially reported that Scott, OVO founder Drake and Live Nation Entertainment would face two lawsuits stemming from their joint Astroworld performance — both from fans who claim they were injured — but now face over $3 Billion worth of damages and nearly 300 lawsuits, per XXL. However, according to Yahoo Finance, it would be “a stretch” to completely pin Scott liable for all the claims these suits list.

“The law requires him to engage in specific conduct that incited the incidents. What did he do at Astroworld that night? That’s the question the courts will be asking.”

Bryan Sullivan of Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae, per Yahoo Finance

Nick Rozansky, a lawyer at Brutzkus Gubner Rozansky Seror Weber, told Yahoo Finance that most of the legal burden would fall on the show’s promoters in Live Nation, Scoremore as well as the security company asked to work the event. Other reports by TMZ revealed police were reportedly unaware of the deaths as they were happening during Scott’s performance, as Travis stopped the concert multiple times to allow for festival personnel to pull patrons out of the crowd.

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The Houston rapper has faced harsh criticism stemming from the tragedy in recent weeks, with arguments being made that he shouldn’t have continued performing while unresponsive concertgoers were shuffled motionless atop a sea of ragers. Yet, Scott and his attorney have continuously stated he was unaware of the deaths as they were happening, halting the show on multiple occasions.

According to Vulture, concertgoer Kristian Paredes is seeking $1 million in damages and a trial by jury for Scott’s negligence. “There is every indication that the performers, organizers, and venue were not only aware of the hectic crowd but also that injuries and potential deaths may have occurred,” Paredes’s lawyer, Thomas J. Henry, said. “Still, they decided to put profits over their attendees and allowed the deadly show to go on.”

The ongoing investigation as who is at fault for Astroworld’s tragic ending remains to be uncovered. Reps for the beloved Houston rapper argue that Scott had no authority or jurisdiction as a performer to end the show. Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña believes Travis should’ve stopped the show once he saw the mass disruption of the crowd. On Tuesday (Nov. 23), XXL reported that two security guards are also suing Scott, Cactus Jack LLC and festival associates for “failing to ensure a safe, secure and positive environment for all attendees, artists and staff.”

Additionally, Scott may also have a difficult time booking festivals, tours and other live shows moving forward, as any future events will more than likely feature greater contractual stipulations. Instead of the entertainment company covering costs for additional security, medical supplies and insurance, “all of those costs would be reallocated to Travis,” according to Rozansky.

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Scott has since issued full refunds to everyone who attended the festival. He also covered the funeral expenses to the families of the deceased as well as therapy sessions for those traumatized from the event.

While Travis continues to do his part by making these cataclysmic wrongs right, it seems like the fallout from Astrofest could take quite some time to process. Likely to garner more corresponding suits as both a performer and organizer of the event, the festival’s malpractice of safety measures, allotted space, medical supplies and security protocol is also still under review.

Regardless, it seems as though Travis isn’t planning on performing or releasing any music anytime soon. Releasing his latest two-pack EP a day before Astroworld, fans were more than hyped to see Travis Scott perform these songs live. Now, it may take another year before Travis Scott is Travis Scott “LaFlame” again.

Check back here for more on the latest updates surrounding Astroworld Festival.

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