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TyFontaine cruises with ‘Tinted Lens’ on surprise loose single

TyFontaine’s consistency is truly “One of One.” Amid three projects and a plethora of singles this year alone, Michi’s magnetic presence continues to cultivate his image as a constant force in the underground.

Just days after teasing a collaborative mixtape with fellow DMV native Joony, Fontaine’s WTF is P¡NK elated fans who were patiently waiting for his next effort. Nearly a month removed from the 18-track mixtape, Michi shows no signs of slowing down — continuing to “let nobody breathe” on his surprise single “Tinted Lens” (Aug. 24).

Boasting a soothing, guitar-driven melody, Fontaine’s fleeting vocals feel as if you’re floating alongside him on a late-night drive with the sun setting in the distance. “I feel like flying / I feel like dying / trying, but these lights are blinding” he croons on the somber, meditative cut that sees the DMV hitmaker exude his infectious sing-rapping once again.

Feeling as if you’re reminiscing on better times, Michi had to “tint my lens” to cover himself from the stressors that plague him. “I thank God I didn’t OD / thanking God he chose me,” he reveals, shining a light on his inner thoughts and fears that make for a reflective, soulful escapade of self-honesty.

While “Tinted Lens” sounds like a leftover off WTF is P¡NK, it could very well wind up on Fontaine’s forthcoming record Ascension 2. Amid the release of his second independent album Beautiful Michi Girls in May and a collab tape with Joony in the works, it’s apparent that Ty is a beacon of independence in hip-hop’s new wave.

Expect many more moves from Michi from here on out.

Listen to “Tinted Lens” below!

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