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Valee adds to his illustrious ‘VacAbuLarEE’on new album

Your rapper’s favorite rapper has swooped in to drop off some more of his timeless, colorful rhymes to close out the year.

Chicago icon Valee just released his latest album Vacabularee and it’s a gentle reminder as to why the “Womp Womp” rapper has one of the most borrowed-from flows in the game.

Indulging in an infusion of genres from a sonic standpoint and features from Na-Kel Smith, Zelooperz and more, Valee’s first tape in 2022 perfectly encompasses the range of varied singles he dropped and was featured on throughout the year.

The Chi-Town native has subtly been layering his characteristic bravado for years, as collaborative tapes with ChaseTheMoney and a handful of solo projects decorate one of the most driven lyricists in the game. Valee helms the mic with a purpose, and doesn’t let one second lay wasted on this new album. But he’s not just keen with his pen, but with what he chooses to layer his penmanship atop of as well.

From boom-bap stylings on “Jumpman” to the moody, warped synths on “Eye Get Money,” Valee hits different vocal strides and cadences like checkpoints, leaving you in an entrancing daze with each successive track. It’s a perfect potion, with the almost hypnotic production giving him the needed space to lyrically prance across the album with carefree prowess.

You see his influence everywhere, but when Valee drops, you know it’s time to listen.

Check Out Vacabularee Below!