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WATCH: Our Generation Music, DotCom Nirvan present ‘The Reboot’ Vlog

Our Generation Music and DotCom Nirvan’s concert The Reboot took place Saturday (July 10) in Los Angeles — bringing forth a memorable night of performances from the underground’s best and brightest.

Their last live show, Hacked in LA, was prematurely shutdown by the LAPD due to overcrowding, as The Reboot delivered on every level this time around.

With headliners in Ty Fontaine, midwxst, Slump6s, Matt Ox, Jasiah, DC The Don and more, The Reboot proved to be a lively resurgence of mosh-pitting manias for all in attendance.

Our Generation Music captured the first-ever performances from these talented up-and-comers — as OGM host Hakeem Rowe speaks with the artists on the scene, including some fan-favorite guest performances. Fueling the fire raging in the underground, OGM is here to push forward the new wave’s sweeping movement in music.

View The Reboot full setlist as well as The Reboot’s surprise guests in the time stamps below!


  • 1:33 Prentiss
  • 1:57 Doors open
  • 2:11 DotcomNirvan x Hakeem
  • 2:20 Sad Frosty & DC THE DON
  • 2:44 Slump6s
  • 3:29 midwxst
  • 4:19 Slump6s performs
  • 6:02 ssgkobe on stage with Slump6s
  • 8:06 post performance with Slump6s
  • 11:00 DC THE DON takes the stage
  • 14:33 Sad Frosty takes the stage
  • 16:09 midwxst takes the stage
  • 17:34 Chxpo
  • 17:54 DJ Quincyy , K SUAVE , Cochise
  • 19:40 Matt Ox
  • 20:08 Dro Kenji
  • 20:41 D SAVAGE
  • 21:30 Nascar Aloe
  • 22:26 Jasiah & Nascar Aloe
  • 26:15 Candypaint performs
  • 26:55 D SAVAGE x Candypaint performs
  • 27:50 Zelly Ocho performs and jumps in the stage
  • 28:40 K SUAVE performs
  • 30:54 Matt Ox hits the stage
  • 34:06 DCG Shun & DCG Bsavv perform
  • 34:22 TyFontaine performs